Tunisia-Hatem Meliki: criminal reconciliation law will not bring trillions to the public treasury (Audio)

Frozen MP Hatem Meliki, assessed that Tunisia today suffers from a major problem, which is the problem of investment, particularly since investment is the only answer to social problems, employment problems and also the economic problems confronting the country.

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, Mliki added that the publication of the criminal reconciliation decree at this particular point could have side effects if the State moves towards the retrieval of the money that had been seized. He asserted that with this law, Tunisians are under illusions that trillions will enter the state treasury, while economists claimed that the 460 files are mostly linked to loans that have been reimbursed. And to specify that the President of the Republic based himself on an extremely old report dating from the year 2011. He added that it would have been desirable in this circumstance to set in place an economic emergency law that would permit Tunisians to regain their confidence in state institutions, highlighting that criminal reconciliation is still an ambiguous law and that it is more political than an economic law.

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