Tunisia-Kamal El Ghribi, head of San Donato Global clinic group: We are ready to contribute to investments that support health sector in Tunisia

In the context of continuing his support for Tunisia and coinciding with inking partnership treaties to invest in the health field and other sectors in the Republic of Egypt, Tunisian businessman and head of the “San Donato” clinic group, Mr Kamal El-Ghribi, announced his willingness to contribute to investments that support the health sector in Tunisia and contribute to establishing, a Modern health system that includes various groups of society.

“As a Tunisian and Arab, proud of his African, Arabic and Mediterranean roots, I consider Egypt the heart of Arabism, Africa’s gate and the bridge that links the past and future, Tunisia is the cradle of history, culture, art and the motherland that deserves all support, especially during this time”, said Mr El-Ghribi.

Mr El-Ghribi underscored the significance of strengthening the historical connections between the pillars of the Mediterranean and the return of relationships to the previous era of their activity so that the two forces meet again and unite in order to draw one future for the North Africa region and the Mediterranean basin, adding that nothing can weaken the strong connection that unites the two countries.

“Egypt is the heart of the East and Tunisia is Africa’s gate, the crossing to Europe, and the bridge that links the North to the South, thus less than an hour separates the European and African continents, and this is what can be used and exploited in order for Tunisia to be a tourist and therapeutic destination for the European citizen”, adds our speaker.


The businessman voiced his confidence in the scientific, cultural and strategic capabilities of both Tunisia and Egypt, stressing that the Arab-Mediterranean cooperation will be a strong supporter of Mediterranean relations not only at the health level but likewise at the level of exchanging experiences and the Tunisian labour that has a fine reputation on the global scale.

Mr El-Ghribi likewise indicated in this sense that San Donato Hospitals in Italy recruited 300 nurses from Tunisia as part of a partnership deal with the Tunisian Ministry of Health.

“Today we are ready to put all our efforts and relationships as well as all the experiences of our clinic group and its capabilities in the service of the Tunisian and Arab citizens in order to attain the finest levels in the field of care, training and scientific rehabilitation and overcome the day-to-day problems that citizen suffers in the health sector”, he pointed out.

He disclosed an integrated, Mediterranean health project for the labour force and a source of competencies, equipped with the latest technologies, specializations and global innovations in North Africa, stating that the first batch of Tunisian delegated nurses incorporates 69 nurses who underwent technical and linguistic tests and the procedures related to their assignment were finished.

The same source confirmed that the recruitment of nurses by the San Donato Medical Complex is a gateway to organized immigration in the health sector or in other sectors that may comprise agriculture, construction and other sectors, to be a substitute for illegal immigration with all the excesses accompanying it as well as its security consequences and the social and the tragedies that it leaves.

The Tunisian businessman said that “such projects serve the whole Arab region and Tunisia as a nation has resulted in many initiatives, the last of which is seven children with complex congenital heart defects that underwent surgeries in addition to catheter operations at the University Hospital in Sousse under the supervision of a joint team of experts of cardiac surgery belonging to San Donato and Sahloul Hospital.


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