Tunisia-Mariem Laghmani: More resignations from the national bloc are expected

Resigned MP  from the “Watania” bloc, Mariem Laghmeni, has indicated that seven elected representatives have resigned from the bloc while suggesting that more resignations are expected.

At the start of the plenary on October 6, the Watania bloc had 16 elected following, in particular, the membership of a certain number of deputies, including Mongi Rahoui .

In a statement to the TAP on Tuesday, Laghmeni explains this wave of resignations by what she describes as “an illegal measure taken by the vice-president of the Watania bloc, Ridha Charfeddine”.

The member specifies, to this end, that article 11 of the rules of procedure of the Watania bloc stipulates that the convocation to a meeting of the block must be done by the president of the bloc or two-thirds of the members, while article 12 of the said regulation mentions that this invitation must be made at least 48 hours before the meeting is held, which is contrary to the provisions of the meeting to which Ridha Charfeddine called. The latter had called the deputies of the block only 24 hours before the meeting was held.

Regarding the reasons for the resignation from the bloc, MP Mariem Laghmeni, said that some elected officials of the Ennahdha movement are the real instigators of the meeting chaired by Ridha Charfeddine. “The deputies of the movement Ennahdha Noureddine Bhiri and Saïd Ferjani, encouraged certain deputies of the Watania bloc to take part in this meeting”, she declared.

The MP denounced in the wake of the decision of the office of the parliament, which officially established Ridha Charfeddine as the new president of the Al Watania bloc, despite the absence of a quorum in the composition of the parliament office.

The deputy specifies, in this sense, that the office of the parliament had noted the withdrawal of the representatives of the “democratic” and “Reform” blocks because of the decree-law 116, as well as the absence of the representative of the Free Destourien Party due to self-isolation, which explains and confirms the absence of a quorum and therefore makes the decision taken illegal.

“The deputies of the Watania block are neither with the maintenance of Hatem Mliki at the head of the block, nor with the presidency of the block by Ridha Charfeddine, but want the procedures to be legal and legitimate”, affirmed Laghmeni, and added that administrative justice was seized to decide this question.

At the request of a third of these members, the Watania bloc held a meeting last Saturday during which Ridha Charfeddine was elected president of the bloc for the parliamentary year 2020-2021 and Imed Ouled Jibril, vice-president for the same period.

Hatem Mliki, for his part, considered that this meeting was null and void. He explained, in a statement, he signed as chairman of the Watania group, that “Ridha Charfeddine called a meeting of the group without a legal status that allows it and despite the warning that was sent to him by way of bailiff notary “.


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