Tunisia-Meliki: “There is problem concerning history of organizing presidential elections that must be resolved” [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, political activist Hatem Meliki stressed the need to adhere to international standards when discussing the upcoming presidential elections in Tunisia. He underscored that talking about these elections, which are nearing international standards, demands strict adherence to electoral laws, especially abstaining from any violations one year before the voting date. Nevertheless, he pointed out that the current situation in Tunisia presents challenges.

He drew attention to the absence of current electoral law, as the Election Commission confirms the continuance of the old law while simultaneously admitting the addition of two new conditions for presidential elections in the 2022 Constitution. Meliki remarked that this discrepancy implies a breach of the electoral law, potentially undermining the adherence to established standards for conducting elections.

Furthermore, Al-our speaker voiced concerns regarding the proposed timing of the presidential elections. If these elections were to proceed in October, following an amendment to the electoral law in April or May of 2024, it would probably violate the principles of free, fair, transparent, and democratic elections, as recognized by international standards.

He emphasized the urgency of fixing the issue surrounding the election date. If the elections were to be held in October, this would necessitate compliance with the electoral law, thereby organizing them based on the 2014 Constitution. Regardless, adherence to the 2022 Constitution would require a one-year postponement. He  urged the authorities to address this matter promptly and decisively.


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