Tunisia – Menzel Bourguiba Port : Return to normal activity rhythm

Since the start of 2024, the commercial port of Bizerte Menzel Bourguiba has been seeing a gradual resurgence in its operations, following the successful renovation of the electromechanical and automatic systems of its mobile bridge. This comes after a period of inactivity generated by a severe fire in the bridge’s engine room that disrupted navigational traffic.

Regional official sources have noted that the port has almost returned to its normal level of activity, both in exports and supplies, characterised by the active comings and goings of ships. In the first ten days of February alone, over 13 ships have passed via the port. Among these is the Liberian vessel “Lita,” which recently arrived at the Menzel quay of Bourguiba carrying over 13,000 tonnes of ammonite fertilizer for the Tunisian Chemical Group. This delivery is critical for the success of the upcoming agricultural season.

The revival in port activity is likewise a result of regional efforts coordinated by a committee composing various entities, including the Regional Delegation for Agricultural Development, the Regional Commerce Administration of Bizerte, the Tunisian Chemical Group, the Tunisian Office of Commerce, the National Guard and Security, as well as local, municipal authorities, the port, and customs, all under the leadership of the regional governor.

The combined efforts of these parties have guaranteed a smooth process for the unloading and shipping of goods, whether they are being supplied locally or exported abroad.

Moreover, the revitalization of the port’s economic activities has played a critical role in sustaining the operations of businesses located on the south bank of the port. This includes entities specializing in the restoration and maintenance of ships and vessels, which depend heavily on the port’s ship movement for their supply and export activities.

The port’s commercial operations had been significantly impacted by a fire that occurred on July 26, 2023, at the Bizerte mobile bridge. Nevertheless, with the repair and renovation works completed by the end of November 2023, the port of Bizerte Menzel Bourguiba has managed to gradually recover its vibrancy and operational capacity.

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