Tunisia – Nabeul: Towards creation of shelter for women victims of violence

Nabeul governorate has documented several instances of violence against women and children in February, with one of the most alarming cases being the murder of a 21-year-old mother of two. She was strangled with an electrical cord by her husband following domestic disputes. Further, on February 9, 2024, in the Maamoura region, a father was sentenced to sexually assaulting his 13-year-old daughter, resulting in her pregnancy.

Against this backdrop, Anwar Halloumi, the head of the regional office of the Tunisian Organization for Education and Family in Nabeul, reported today that the organization is actively pursuing solutions to fight and decrease violence against women, children, and the elderly in all its forms—physical, moral, and stereotypical. This effort includes setting partnerships with relevant local authorities, notably the Regional Delegation for Families, Children, and the Elderly.

Halloumi also announced plans to open a shelter for abused women in Nabeul by the end of April. The shelter seeks to offer psychological support to victims of violence and address the issue of recurrent abuse by supplying support mechanisms and guaranteeing financial independence through economic empowerment programs.

Efforts are underway to set regional coordination within the Regional Delegation for Women and the Family. This initiative concentrates on promptly reporting cases of violence, especially when the victim seeks medical attention, according to Halloumi.

He further stated that “147 cases of violence against women have been recorded in Nabeul, with Menzel Tamim reporting the highest number at 71 cases.” Underscoring the commitment to enforcing laws that protect women from violence, Halloumi cited Chapter 51 of the 2022 Constitution, which mandates the State to take actions to eliminate violence against women. The plan includes notifying and educating abused women, particularly in rural areas, about their rights and raising awareness among perpetrators about the severe penalties to deter recurrence and ultimately eradicate this issue.

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