Tunisia-Ounaies: “South Africa’s historical depth will give its challenge to Israel’s actions great credibility before world” [Video]

The international community is closely monitoring what has been labelled ‘the issue of the century’—in which  South Africa has brought against Israel to the International Court of Justice, accusing the occupying entity of perpetrating genocide against the Palestinian people. The usurping entity now confronts the challenging task of pleading and defending its actions.

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, diplomat and former minister Ahmed Ounaies voiced a strong appreciation for this South African initiative, emphasising its distinction from other potential sources of action. Almost all member states of the United Nations recognize the legitimacy of the International Court of Justice, making South Africa’s move especially noteworthy.

Our speaker highlighted South Africa’s unique historical experience of suffering from racial discrimination and having faced challenges to its legitimacy and sovereignty. This history lends the country both legal and moral credibility in condemning Israel’s actions, making its stance resonate globally.

According to him, South Africa’s initiative is one of the most strong moves we can witness in our contemporary culture. Nevertheless, he recognised that the effectiveness of this measure on the ground may be limited due to certain countries wielding the right of ‘veto’ in favour of Israel, permitting it to remain above international law, morals, and the world order.

He admitted that there are global powers and countries likely to work towards freezing judicial procedures and delaying the case in the International Court of Justice for several decades. Despite this potential delay, the value lies in Israel being compelled to justify and clarify its position before the International Court of Justice—an unprecedented step that subjects Israel to the scrutiny of the world order.

Addressing criticism directed at some Arab countries for not taking the initiative to raise this issue and stand by the Palestinian people, he argued that even if these countries were to file a case against the Zionist entity, it might lack credibility due to historical animosities between Israel and its neighbouring Arab countries. In contrast, when a non-Arab country like South Africa takes such a step, it adds meaningful weight to the cause.

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