Tunisia – Phenomena of violence and drugs in schools increasing

Brigadier General Imed Mamacha, the director of the emergency police, reported in a press statement on Friday, February 16, 2024, alongside his participation in a seminar on violence, violent extremism, and drugs in schools, that there has been a growing trend in violence cases within educational establishments over the last three years. This data, gathered from National Security posts and districts, the Judicial Police Directorate, and the Emergency Police Department, reveals a concerning escalation.

In 2021, there were 3,398 documented instances of violence in schools, which slightly increased to 3,551 cases in 2022, and further increased to 3,650 cases in 2023.

Additionally, Brigadier General Mamacha underscored the fluctuation in drug trafficking cases linked to schools, with 54 incidents recorded in 2021. This figure slipped to 31 cases in 2022 but surged to 71 cases in 2023, revealing a volatile situation concerning drug-related issues within educational settings.

To fight violence and drug issues in schools, the security strategy includes a specific focus on educational establishments where drug proliferation is verified, initially adopting an exceptional security posture. Despite the widespread nature of the drug issue in the school community, efforts are concentrated on diminishing it through a collaborative approach that involves all stakeholders.


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