Tunisia-Rare in Mediterranean:Reasons for death of two “moonfish” in short period on beaches of Gabes [Video]



In a statement to Tunisie Numerique, on Friday, February 16, 2024, Nofal Hamouda, the head of the Association for the Preservation of Wetlands in Southern Tunisia, noted that two moonfish have perished on the beaches of Gabes within a short period. These fish are known for their enormous size and rarity in the White Sea.


Hamouda gave credit for this phenomenon to many aspects, mainly climate change and its impacts on seas and oceans, along with significant pollution, particularly from plastics, which may lead to the poisoning and death of these fish.

The same source furthermore pointed out that the role of the “moonfish” is extremely significant in the environment and in conserving biological balance, underlining that some human practices and rising temperatures negatively affect this type of fish.

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