Tunisia-Ridha Zahrouni: “We must work to make students more aware of risks of smoking.” [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, on Friday, March 1, 2024, President of the Tunisian Association of Parents and Students Ridha Zahrouni voiced firm support for the decision to ban smoking in all educational establishments. Zahrouni underscored that such a decision is undoubtedly correct, emphasising the association’s firm stance in favour of this measure.

Stressing the well-known risks and harms associated with smoking, he underlined the significance of safeguarding students from this detrimental habit, which not only impacts physical health but also has psychological implications.

Furthermore, he emphasized the necessity for continued efforts to raise awareness among children and students about the risks of smoking. He called for the organization of awareness campaigns to educate people regarding the negative consequences of smoking and to prevent its proliferation among the youth.

As a reminder, during a meeting held yesterday, Thursday, with the Minister of Education, Muhammad Ali Boughdiri, and a delegation representing the World Health Organization, it was agreed to set up school health clubs with WHO support. Additionally, a circular was issued to strictly ban smoking in all Ministry institutions and headquarters.

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