Tunisia – Scandal surrounding examination center for covid candidates at Mahdia

Officials from the education ministry are bewildered on where to turn. While the Baccalaureate exam season was growing up to be promising, and everything had to unwind in the best possible way, despite the extremely serious situation of the covid pandemic, is it not that the Minister of health, (Hey, yes… Again and again him!) comes in and messes up what had to be arranged like a Swiss clock.


The education ministry, nevertheless, had it all figured out, down to the last part, until the health ministry screwed it up. Originally, applicants carrying the covid had to take the tests in their examination centres, in dedicated rooms, with specific staff, and well equipped, and a pre-established protocol, which catered or the least of details. It was particularly at the last moment, that is to say, the day before the commencement of the tests, that the Ministry of Health chose to transport the candidate with covid, in a center of accommodation and an examination centre, set up, in a hotel in Mahdia. The nominees as well as officials from the education ministry were caught off guard. And, just the effect of astonishment generated huge damage to the concentration and preparation of the candidates, who had, at the last minute, head to Mahdia, and settle down to pass the bac, under circumstances, then, unknown. And that’s where the disasters will begin! For the transferal of candidates, the Ministry of Health, which alleged to make ambulances available to everyone, removed it and adopted the policy of “radio silence”, leaving officials of the Ministry of Education, in case that was impossible for the family, to manage to obtain a way to transfer all these beautiful people to Mahdia.

Some applicants arrived there late at night, a few hours before the commencement of the tests. As for the accommodation and catering provisions, they are, in the opinion of the candidates and their desperate parents, catastrophic. Like everything, the Ministry of Health has always offered. This in no way permits candidates to take advantage of favourable conditions to prepare and pass their tests.


The Minister of Health has left everyone at bay, applicants and their families, education officials, and even the governor of Mahdia, who notwithstanding all his efforts, for two days, has failed to comfort candidates! Furthermore, and as if that were not enough to impair the Baccalaureate test as it would appear that the Minister of Health had sworn to do, his services declined to put, as every year, health workers, available to examination centers, to deal with any distress among candidates. Knowing that with the particular circumstances of this year, this provision is not leisure, but an imperative, given the epidemiological situation in the country. Certainly, this minister has clearly sworn to damage not only the health sector, knowing that he has, in practice, succeeded, but he likewise desires to destroy all the achievements of the country, to please to whom, and to work on whose agendas?

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