Tunisia-Sfax-Migrants: El Amera ravaged by tuberculosis and malaria…S.O.S of inhabitants (Video)

Civil society activist from El-Amra in  Sfax, Mahmoud El Bekri, confirmed that the region has encountered, for around three months, an influx of a significant number of sub-Saharan Africans.

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique’scorrespondent, he clarified that “Their number has jumped sharply in recent times to surpass the capacities of the region (…) The local authorities of El Amra found infectious diseases like tuberculosis and infectious skin diseases like malaria (…) The health situation is becoming alarming from one day to the next (…) Basic food products have categorically disappeared and their price has considerably grown… Besides, after 8 a.m., the bread no longer exists…”

In addition, he stated that a large number of sub-Saharan Africans were among the olive trees. “We have testimonies which confirm that owners of agricultural land can no longer even access their land, effectively to the “The olive harvest season is approaching(…) We fear that clashes will occur between migrants and locals (…) The State must interfere urgently in order to avoid the worst scenario(…).”

On another aspect, the activist condemned the fact that the first delegate of the governorate of Sfax was overseeing a sterilization campaign in the centre of the city of Sfax, while El Amera is suffering from the deterioration of the health situation following the dizzying influx of sub-Saharan migrants, in a small area like El Amera.

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