Tunisia-State collapse most likely threat for next two years in Tunisia (Report)

State collapse is the most likely threat for the next two years for Tunisia, showed the results of a perception survey on the various global risks in the long term conducted among 124 countries in May 2021. For Tunisia, the results of this 17th edition of the global risks report published by the World Economic Forum, show a ranking of major risks different from the global trend. “Only five other countries (Lebanon, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru and Honduras), put state collapse as the first risk, “said the Arab Institute of Business Managers (IACE), official partner of the World Economic Forum which conducted this survey for the case of Tunisia.

The Tunisian respondents mention five risks, namely the state collapse, the debt crisis, unemployment, the prolongation of economic stagnation and the proliferation of illicit economic activities, said the IACE. It recalled that the risks mentioned have already been discussed at the Business Days held last December. “Proposals have been made to avoid economic and social risks,” said the Institute, pointing, in particular, to “the establishment of an economic constitution, based on a pact of economic and social solidarity between the business community and the political sphere that would avoid economic and social risks.»

The World Economic Forum, on January 12, released the 17th edition of its Global Risks Report, based on a perception survey conducted in May 2021 on various long-term global risks among 124 countries. The results of the global survey show that only 16% of respondents are optimistic about the global outlook, 11% believe the global recovery will accelerate and the rest of the respondents instead expect the next three years to be marked by continued volatility and multiple fractured trajectories that will separate the resilient and non-resilient.

The report presents the most severe global risks over the next ten years emanating from country economic, societal, environmental, and technological news and survey results. The main risks identified are classified as follows: Climate action failure, infectious diseases, extreme weather, human-made environmental damage, biodiversity loss, natural resource crises, erosion of social cohesion, debt crises, livelihood crises and geo-economic confrontations. The World Economic Forum will publish on January 26, the report on countries’ competitiveness, said the IACE, announcing that it will publish the results in detail about Tunisia.


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