Tunisia: The price of 4 egg units will not surpass 800 millimes

The president of the Poultry Chamber under UTICA revealed that the price of 4 units of eggs ranges between 720 and 800 millimes and that the production cost of chicken can attain 4000 millimes, while it is sold to the public at 3400 millimes/kg.

The Chambre Syndicale does not call for fixing prices but for decreasing the difference between producer selling prices and selling prices to the public. In a statement made to private radio, he emphasised that it is unacceptable that the four units of eggs are sold at 1050 millimes, thereby surpassing the profit margin of 120 millimes for the 4 eggs, whose price of sale must not surpass 840 millimes. Boukhris pointed out that the selling prices of eggs have recently declined due to the increase in production. Same for broiler chicken. He pointed out that small and medium producers are giving up this activity, which could again affect the prices of eggs and white meat.

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