Tunisia-Ticad8: Tunis Declaration and commitments from participating countries

The Tunis Declaration, issued this Sunday, after the conclusion work of the 8th International Conference of Tokyo on the development of Africa (Ticad-8), fixed three cooperation pillars, namely, the realization of a Structural transformation for economic growth, the founding of the basics of a resilient and sustainable society, in addition to the guarantee of sustainable peace and stability.

The declaration was published by the heads of state and government of the member states of the African Union and the delegations of Japan and representatives of the co-organizers of the Ticad, namely the United Nations, the United Nations program for Development (UNDP), the World Bank and the African Union Commission (AU Commission), gathered in Tunis, on August 27 and 28, 2022, for the Ticad-8.

The document underscores the urgency and significance of integration, solidarity and “investment in people”, which will boost the considerable potential of Africa, as an engine of global growth.

“While the global community has seen the human security crisis caused by the pandemic, the concept of human security must be safeguarded more than ever. The pandemic reminded us of the value of” people “, to which the process of the Ticad attaches an immense  Importance “, underlines the participants.

Also, all the parties implicated in the work of the Ticad8 “undertake to continue to promote the development of Africa, by pleading for international cooperation, according to the guiding principles of African appropriation, of the international partnership, of inclusiveness and opening “.

The declaration specifies, furthermore, that “the role of the Ticad evolves as Africa endeavours to carry out its aspirations, in terms of development, as they are envisaged in the agenda 2063, to construct Resilient economies that attract more private investments and that the international community will concentrate more and more on the growth potential and the needs of Africa.

For participants in the Ticad 8, the COVID19 pandemic, which has had economic, political, environmental and social unprecedented repercussions on a global scale, underlined the urgency and the importance of Integration, solidarity and “investment in people”, which will strengthen the considerable potential of Africa, as the engine of global growth.

Participants renew their “commitment to work together to uphold international peace and stability on the ground of the principle, according to which the centrepiece of international order is international law, including the Charter of the United Nations, and respect for The sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, which must aim to peacefully resolve conflicts, in accordance with international law.

The Tunis Declaration reaffirms the significance of the partnership between Japan and Africa to encourage investment, and promote private sector innovation, by encouraging cooperation between Japanese and African companies and technology transfer.

It is likewise a question of strengthening the development of industrial human resources, in order to speed up structural transformation for inclusive and sustainable growth in Africa and its efforts to carry out the agenda 2063 and the SDGs, while overcoming challenges, such as the outbreak of food and energy prices.

The document correspondingly reaffirms the commitment of all intervening parties to cooperate with African nations to build a resilient and sustainable society in Africa, which will be characterized by human security and the realization of the AGENA 2063 of the AU and the SDGs.

“We hail the regular implementation of the 2019 Yokohama action ^man  and we are committed to continuing its update, in an inclusive manner by re-framing it into the Tunis action plan of the Ticad-8. We reaffirm that the initiatives and steps of the Ticad action plan will be aligned with African and international executives, such as the AU agenda 2063 of the AU and the SDGs “, underline the participants, revealing that the Ticad 9 will hold in Japan in 2025 and that a ministerial meeting of the Ticad will be held in 2024.

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