Tunisia-Tunisian economy: government presents 10 good figures for first quarter

The Presidency of the Government issued on Wednesday the key figures of the Tunisian economy linking to the first quarter of the current year.

In terms of foreign trade, in the first quarter, the overall trade balance deficit showed a decrease of 20.7% compared to the first quarter of 2023. A progress of more than 4 points in the rate of coverage of exports by imports was registered. This was accomplished in particular by a 4.4% increase in Tunisian exports.

According to the figures presented, these performances were attended by a recovery in the food trade balance to generate a surplus of 919 million dinars, thanks to the more than 100% growth in olive oil exports.

During the first quarter, tourism receipts grew by 8% and transfers from Tunisians abroad strengthened by 4.1%. Net foreign currency assets represent 106 days of imports compared to 95 days a year previously. In the first quarter, the exchange rate stayed stable against the dinar and the euro.

At the business level, declared investments increased by 34.6% during the first two months to register an increase of more than 15% in jobs created in various sectors. During the same period, the inflation rate remains on a downward trend, dropping to 7.5% in February 2024.

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