Tunisia – UGTT emerges timidly from its lethargy

The expanded executive office of the Tunisian General Labor Union called on the administration to hold a meeting to examine the general situation, to open the door to negotiations, execute the agreements reached and revise wages.

The extended executive office of the Tunisian General Labor Union has issued a call for an administrative meeting to evaluate the current situation, initiate negotiations, execute previously agreed-upon agreements, and review wage structures.

Further, in a press release today, Wednesday, February 14, 2024, the UGTT urged for a periodic examination of retirees’ pensions, especially those affiliated with the National Social Security Fund, highlighting the need to reassess the guaranteed minimum wage.

The UGTT firmly denied what it perceives as “the exclusion of the union” and the monopolization of power in different matters including labour law revision, education system reform, public institution restructuring, social funds and social security management, and changes to fundamental laws and regulations ruling the civil service and public sector.

Furthermore, the extended executive board of the union demanded an ending to the persecution of certain trade unionists, the release of those apprehended, and the reinstatement of those dismissed, arguing that such actions were in response to the union’s opposition to governmental policies.

The union called for the repeal of Decree No. 54 regarding the fight against misinformation, reasoning that it encroaches upon freedom of expression. Simultaneously, it underscored the significance of upholding judicial independence and refraining from arbitrary judgments against citizens without valid reasons or evidence.

Moreover, the expanded executive office of the Union expressed condemnation of the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people in the West Bank, particularly in the Gaza Strip, due to 130 days of extermination warfare led by the Zionist entity with American support, and complicity from “normalizing” regimes.

The union urged its members and affiliated workers to participate in a workers’ rally scheduled for next Saturday, March 2, at Place de la Kasbah, seeking to defend labour rights, advocate for respect of elements of social dialogue, and ensure the implementation of concluded agreements.

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