France: conviction proves that we cannot say all horrors about Algerians, immigrants, foreigners


Éric Zemmour, who once aspired to surpass Marine Le Pen, was fined €15,000 on Thursday, February 22, for his controversial comments on Islam and immigration made during the “Convention of the Right” in 2019. The 2022 presidential candidate, who garnered 7.3% of the vote, confronted his third trial in this matter.

Initially, Éric Zemmour was discovered guilty of insult and incitement to hatred. Nevertheless, he was acquitted during the first appeal trial in 2021. Subsequently, in a second trial held before the Paris Court of Appeal, Zemmour was found guilty on Thursday. The Court of Appeal’s decision highlighted “hate speech” that surpassed “the admissible limits of freedom of expression.” The Paris Court of Appeal definitively admitted the public insults made by Zemmour due to origin, ethnicity, nation, race, or religion, and further identified his actions as provocation to racial hatred.

In addition, the former CNews star will have to pay 1000 euros in damages and 2000 euros in procedural costs to four anti-racist associations. Well, some will tell me that with all the money he makes from his successful books, dripping with hatred, it’s a straw for him. But the scandal will stick to him.
Let us remember that during this high political mass called “Convention of the Right”, on September 28, 2019, at the initiative of the circle of Marion Maréchal (the niece of Marine Le Pen, who left her for Zemmour), the ex-journalist from Le Figaro violently assailed immigrants, described as “colonizers” and an “Islamization of the streets”. Zemmour had described the veil and the djellaba as “uniforms of an occupying army”… This conviction is evidence that there is still justice, laws, the values of the Republic, that citizens have duties, that foreigners also have rights and that we cannot afford to throw them away encounter every ignominy possible and imaginable. It is also a call to order to the National Rally of Jordan Bardella, who is preparing to pull out all the stops to win the European elections and more if they like – the presidential election of 2027. Be careful, the anti-racist associations are keeping an eye on things .

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