Latest updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)


  • Losses of personnel of the Russian invasion troops have exceeded 200,000, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.Russia fights in its traditional way – without sparing human lives. No political goal justifies such colossal losses.
  • All Russian losses in the war are useless and meaningless. Russia has not achieved and will not achieve any of its goals, it only involved hundreds of thousands of Russians in war crimes.By launching a full-scale invasion Putin also committed a crime against his own people. The death of the Russian military is on his conscience.
  • The Ukrainian Defence Forces have testified that they are capable of inflicting irreparable losses on the enemy on the battlefield.


  • On the night of May 16, Russia conducted a powerful combined attack with a focus on Kyiv. All 18 missiles were destroyed by the air defence forces of Ukraine. This is a fantastic level of Ukrainian air defence effectiveness.
  • The Russian “miraculous” weapon, which frightened the West,turned out ineffective in the face of modern Western models. The myth of the impossibility of intercepting Kinzhal missiles was finally refuted, on which Moscow relied very much.
  • Repelling the most massive missile attack on Kyiv is not only a military, but also a political victory for Ukraine. Ukrainians are grateful to their international partners for providing sky protection systems that guard the lives of peaceful people.


  • On May 16-17, Li Hui, a special representative of the Chinese government, visited Ukraine.The visit of the Chinese special representative was agreed upon in advance during a telephone conversation between the President of Ukraine and the President of the People’s Republic of China on April 26.
  • The principles of restoring a stable and just peace on the basis of respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine were brought to Mr. Li Hui in detail.
  • The talks were constructive, and Russia’s attempt to influence them with a massive missile attack the day before was unsuccessful.


  • The grain deal is unlocked, it is extended until July 18, 2023. As of today, the Black Sea Grain Initiative allowed Ukraine to export 29,8 mln tons of grains.This volume could be significantly higher if Russia did not impede the work of the corridor.
  • Moscow’s blackmail by disrupting the “grain deal” did not work. This is a victory for the world and another defeat for Russian diplomacy.
  • The world will continue to receive Ukrainian products, Ukraine will make a significant contribution to food security. In addition to the ports of Odesa Oblast, Turkish vessels will now be able to enter the ports of Mykolaiv and Olvia.
  • Together with partners, Ukraine will make every effort to ensure that the grain deal starts fully functioning for the sake of global food security, and Russia finally stops using food as a weapon and means of blackmail.

Source: Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia 


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