Qatar: Macron and Tebboune had the courage to do it, a winning bet

French and Algerian presidents, Emmanuel Macron and Abdelmajid Tebboune, were the only great leaders of the planet to dare to publicly take the defence of Qatar. It was essential to have the courage to do it in a context of grouped shots against a “small” state which alone has carried something extremely enormous, until the end, where even the big nations sometimes put themselves in two to organize a Global.

Macron was right: we had to remain on the sporting field, not mingle everything so as not to spoil the world football party. And from this point of view, the party was exceptionally stunning…

An excellent illustration is when the Emir of Qatar put on the shoulders of Argentina star Lionel Messi the traditional cape, after his coronation in the final of the World Cup against France. Messi finally won the only title that lacked his bright career, in passing he weaves a solid connection with this part of the world – Qatar – which stunned the whole of humanity with its great mastery of events, from start to finish. No one will no longer look for the little gas emirate on a map, at least it is a certainty and a prodigious gain for all the countries of the world whose strong West sometimes ignores its existence.

Exist in front of the world and particularly in front of all bulky neighbours – notably Saudi Arabia and Iran – it was the extremely risky bet of Qatar, it is clear, in all neutrality, that this bet is comprehensively successful. Rarely has a world cup has been as well articulated, with almost no false note from the beginning to the apotheosis of the final. And that was the central thing, that is why the football teams of the whole planet and their fans had assembled there, and not for something else …

Obviously, Qatar has set the bar extremely high, the USA, Mexico and Canada, the next organizers of the World Cup, will have to dismember to do at least as well. And for those who continue to point to the empty part of the glass-the question of human rights and what I still know-I will retort to them that from this point of view no country is able to show white paw. Should we remind Americans of everything they have done in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world?

Should we remind French mayors what their country has done in Vietnam, Algeria and elsewhere in Africa, under the insignia of the “civilizing” momentum of colonization?

Finally, should we remind the German Minister of the Interior, who was doing activism in the world, that at the same time her country negotiated with Qatar big gas agreements to cover its rear? Unless the gas has no smell …

All this to say that Qatar, like all the nations of the world, is likewise entitled to magnanimity and that fatally the country, under its growing opening, is called to mutate at all levels.

The Qatar of tomorrow will definitely have nothing to do with that of today. Notable progress has been made in numerous areas and the dynamics will not cease. Like the path of Western countries that give lessons Qatar likewise needs time to go to the end of its project, and certainly not to be shaken, and trampled.

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