Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)




  • Russia continues systematic shelling of civilian Ukrainian cities. Most missiles and drones are destroyed by Ukrainian Defence Forces in the air, but some still hit the target. The wreckage of downed missiles also pose danger.
  • Russian attacks are aimed primarily at civilian targets. Their goal is to kill, injure Ukrainians, break their will to resist, and avenge defeats at the front. To reduce the threat, Ukraine needs a higher number of modern air-defence systems, long-range missiles, and other assistance to expel the invader from its land.



  • Ukraine is grateful for the crucial support of its partners. Cooperation in various formats in the military sphere has shown the unity of the civilized world against the terrorist regime of Russia.
  • Ukrainians are highly motivated: the speed of mastering the latest weapons and their effective use at the front surprises partners.
  • Long-range missiles Taurus and ATACMS can accelerate the course of the counteroffensive. Ukraine also needs to gain an edge in the skies, and the provision of F-16 fighter jets can contribute significantly to this goal.
  • The supply of weapons to Ukraine is an investment in the future fair and stable world order.



  • On August 16, the container ship Joseph Schulte left Odesa for the Bosphorus for the first time, using the temporary sea corridor established by Ukraine.
  • The temporary grain corridor was established by Ukraine in understanding with the International Maritime Organization as an alternative to the grain deal, from which Russia withdrew.The temporary grain corridor covers the territorial watersof Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.
  • Having withdrawn from the grain deal, Russia lost the authority to inspect vessels moving along the new sea corridor. Any provocations of Russia against the vessels using the temporary sea corridor will be a gross violation of international maritime law and an encroachment on the sovereignty of coastal states.



  • On August 23, 2023, the third summit of the International Crimean Platform will be held in Ukraine.
  • Russian aggression against Ukraine began in 2014 in Crimea, so, the liberation of Crimea will mean the end of the war. The scale of Russian aggression after 2014 became possible because the world improperly treated the occupation of Crimea.
  • The deoccupation of Crimea will restore the legitimacy, security, economic and social prospects for the population in this territory. Only Ukraine’s control over Crimea guarantees security in the Azov-Black Sea region.
 ( Source: Ukrainian embassy in Tunisia) 

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