Russian war against Ukraine: Present situation (Ukrainian Embassy in Tunisia)


• On the night of November 25, Ukraine was attacked by 75 Russian drones, of which 74 were destroyed by air defence forces. The main target of the Russian attack was Kyiv residents. Russian terrorists launched a record number of drones on the capital of Ukraine. Russian barbarians “timed” their large-scale attack to the Day of Remembrance of the Holodomor Victims, which testified to “solidarity” with the crimes of Stalinism.

• Air defence demonstrated impressive efficiency, destroying almost all Russian drones. Hundreds of lives were saved overnight. The wreckage of Russian drones still damaged the power line, caused damage to residential buildings, a kindergarten, and the Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.


• Moscow is not interested in other options for ending the war than the complete defeat and destruction of Ukraine. The rhetoric about Moscow’s willingness to negotiate is an attempt to mislead Ukraine and its allies. Putin has bet on a war of attrition. He does not spare his own soldiers and waits for the West to get tired of supporting Ukraine.

• Disruptions in the supply of Western aid to Ukraine in recent months convince Putin of the correctness of his strategy. The price of stopping the aggressor is high, but the democratic world will have to pay it to preserve international law and order. The West’s steps towards Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic integration are another blow to the Putin’s audacious plans.


• On November 25, on the Day of Remembrance of the Holodomor (Famine) Victims, the 2nd International Summit on Food Security Grain from Ukraine was held.

• Ukraine is one of the world’s leading food suppliers and is committed to the mission of ensuring the availability of safe, nutritious food that is affordable to everyone. Russia is trying to trigger a global food crisis by destroying Ukraine’s civilian port infrastructure and granaries, blocking the Black Sea coast, and impeding legitimate transit in Ukrainian territorial waters. Hunger shall not be used as a weapon in war.

• Together with its partners, Ukraine is successfully overcoming the obstacles that Russia is setting up: establishing alternative sea and land routes for grain exports, protecting port infrastructure and granaries from terrorist attacks.









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