Saudi Arabia suspends normalization talks with Israel and moves closer to Tehran

Sources close to the Saudi Kingdom confirmed that the Kingdom has decided to suspend its discussions conducted under the aegis of the USA, with the Zionist state, with a view to normalizing relations. The same sources ensured that this step comes on the sidelines of the savage aggression of the Zionist entity on the populations of Gaza. And it appears that Riyadh will inflict as a first condition for the resumption of these talks, concessions in favor of the Palestinians.

On the other hand, the same sources assured that there was an inkling of rapprochement with Tehran, to the extent that Prince Mohamed Bin Salman had a telephone conversation with the Iranian president, to examine Israeli aggression. on Gaza and the means to avoid the extension of this conflict to the region.

In this context, Washington put great pressure on Riyadh to denounce the Al Aqsa flood operation, led by Hamas, which the Saudi foreign minister categorically refused.

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