South Africa votes to close Israeli embassy in protest

The South African parliament took a historic decision on November 21, voting in favour of shutting down the Israeli embassy in reaction to recent IDF strikes on the Gaza Strip. This resolution, backed by the African National Congress (ANC), highlights South Africa’s condemnation of Israeli actions and calls for negotiations to end hostilities.

South African Diplomacy in Action

After more than a month of the Israeli bombing of Gaza, the South African parliament voted unequivocally in favour of severing diplomatic ties with Israel. The closure of the Israeli embassy has been approved, marking a strong response to ongoing events in the Middle East.

A Call for Peace and Justice

The South African parliament’s decision comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to probe Israel’s actions in Palestine, which they described as “war crimes.” This initiative reinforces South Africa’s position for peace and justice in the region.

Return of the Diplomatic Flame

In reply to this resolution, Israel recalled its ambassador to South Africa for consultations. This move underscores the growing tensions between the two nations and the diplomatic impact of decisions taken by the South African parliament.

Position of the African National Congress (ANC)

The ruling ANC party had earlier voiced support for the closure of the Israeli embassy in South Africa. This position echoed in the parliamentary vote, sends a clear signal of South Africa’s willingness to take meaningful action in response to events in Palestine.

Call for Negotiation

The parliamentary resolution not only condemns but also calls for negotiations. South Africa desires the IDF to stop its strikes on the Gaza Strip, opening the way for talks to find peaceful solutions to the ongoing conflicts.

A Historic Decision

The closure of the Israeli embassy in South Africa is a historic judgment that marks a major diplomatic break between the two countries. This action reveals South Africa’s commitment to peace, justice and international solidarity.

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