Tunisia-3 members of US congress call on Biden to intervene to restore Tunisian parliament

Three US Congressmen (Gerald Edward Connolly, Tom Malinowski and Rashida Tlaib) called on US President Joe Biden to intervene by taking action to achieve the following steps:
1. Insist that President Saied stop prosecuting, harassing, and restricting the travel of members of parliament and activists engaged in free speech and peaceful protest activities.
2. Determine whether President Saied has carried out a coup and, if so, investigate which Tunisian officials (civilian and/or military) assisted President Saied.
3. Investigate whether President Saied’s use of military prosecutors and tribunals to charge and try civilian members of Tunisia’s Parliament and pro-democracy activists is a violation of Tunisian or international law.
4. Determine whether President Saied’s current actions are in violation of any U.S. aid requirements, and, if so, freeze U.S. military aid to Tunisia until democratic governance has been restored.
5. Insist on the full and immediate restoration of the Tunisian Parliament with all rights and privileges accorded.

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