Tunisia-Abir Moussi: I do not recognize the “revolution” nor do I owe anything to it

Speaking to Jawhara FM, president of the free destourien party Abir Moussi said that Her party has grown to be  very popular and with broad support from public opinion and an important part of the people who share their beliefs with the party, despite the large campaigns targeting it, especially on social media sites through paid publications.

She further explained that the failure of her party to ally with some of the elements of the political arena in Tunisia, particularly those affiliated with moderate currents, is due to the lack of rapprochement with it at the level of ideas adopted by the PDP , on the ground of breaking with the “Brotherhood organization and their organization3.

The MP also reemphasised her affirmation of not recognizing revolution, which she owes nothing, given that her political presence preceded the year 2011 when she was a leader in the dissolved Constitutional Democratic Rally and stressed her honour to assume leadership positions in the structures of this party.

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