Tunisia-Accusations against Jews, President Kais Saied clarifies

The Presidency of the Republic declared on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, that president of the republic Kais Saied did not mention any religion during his visit to El Mnihla in Greater “In response to the recent fake news, the Tunisian Presidency of the Republic wishes to convey the following: The President did not allude to any religion and it would have been unreasonable to raise this issue in this context of protests. Besides, this issue has never been raised in Tunisia”, reads a statement issued by the presidency of the republic.
The presidency said”The position of the President of the Republic is clear in this regard, as he differentiates between Judaism on the one hand and Zionism on the other hand. As a reminder, the President of the Republic had invited the Chief Rabbi of Tunisia to attend his swearing-in ceremony, along with other invitees including the Mufti of the Republic and the Archbishop of Tunis. As a reminder too, the President of the Republic had visited the El Ghriba Synagogue, where he met with a number of Tunisian members of the Jewish community. He also went in person to offer his condolences following the passing away of national activist and intimate friend Gilbert Naccache, whose health conditions the President has been closely monitoring”.
The same source indicated that ” The President, this morning, had a phone conversation with the Chief Rabbi of Tunis Haïm Bittan, stating that Tunisian members of the Jewish community, like any others of their fellow citizens, benefit from the Tunisian state’s care and protection. The President also recalled his firm position regarding the Palestinian cause, insisting on the differentiation between freedom of religion and the right of the Palestinian people to their land. That right is an immutable principle that no one shall confound by colluding with the occupiers”.
 Unfortunately, some in Tunisia do not shy away from using lies and slanderous pretences with the aim of achieving political gains known to all. These, who have been actively attempting to build up a domestic blockade, are now seeking to impose it abroad in collusion with those who conspire against Tunisia and its people.” the source pointed out.
In conclusion, the statement affirmed that “Instead of listening to the Tunisian people’s demands and looking for national solutions to their problems, they want to divert attention from these demands and redirect them through social media to fabricated issues, in a bid to spread discord with their lies so that the focus would not be on the real issues and the difficult situation. • Whoever listened closely to the President’s remarks spoken in Manila would figure out that what has been propagated is nothing but lies. Allah the Almighty said: Of them, there are some who hearkens to thee; but we have thrown veils on their hearts, so they understand it not, and deafness into their ears.”,

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