Tunisia-Araibi: “Arrest warrant was issued against Moussa without permitting us to view the file” [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, Nafie Araibi, a member of the defence committee for Abir Moussi revealed that an arrest warrant for Moussi was issued on Thursday. This action follows a complaint filed by the Independent High Electoral Commission in March 2023.

He voiced surprise at the development, remarking that after the investigation into the Registry Office case concluded, it was downgraded from a criminal case to a mere misdemeanour. Nevertheless, a new file was opened against Moussa, leading to her being summoned before the investigating judge in less than 48 hours.

Despite efforts to review the file, Araibi mentioned that it was too late for him to do so by the time he acquired notice. He travelled to represent her and requested a hearing postponement due to the defence’s unfamiliarity with the file, but this request was rejected.

Furthermore, he stressed Moussi’s declining health condition during her appearance before the investigating judge, including symptoms of shortness of breath and facial paleness. The defence team’s request for medical evaluation was rejected, and Civil Protection agents were summoned while the judge issued the arrest warrant, an action he criticized for breaching confidentiality laws regarding ongoing investigations.

Araibi emphasized the seriousness of the situation, noting that such procedural issues were unprecedented in the judiciary’s history. He criticized the judge’s refusal to delay the hearing and the failure to record the defence’s request for a delay, underlining that the defence team was unable to access the case file within the legally prescribed time frame.


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