Tunisia-“Deadly jellyfish” on the beaches of Nabeul: The Ministry of Agriculture reacts

Recently, a report circulated on social networks implying that deadly jellyfish have washed up on the beaches of the governorate of Nabeul.

In a statement released, the Agriculture Ministry specified that a team composed of researchers from the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies, agents of the Maritime Guard and a representative of the Department of Maritime Fisheries headed to Kelibia. During the last two days, they did not observe the presence of these Physalia physalis type jellyfish.

Still, according to the same source, the sailors, fishermen and vacationers when questioned dismissed having seen the presence of this species on the beaches besides for some familiar jellyfish species.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Agriculture calls on all citizens to give it any information relating to the presence of certain jellyfish on the beaches.

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