Tunisia – Diplomacy and international support: Ennahdha is winning… Kaïs Saïed needs to hurry to respond!

International officials and representatives of foreign chancelleries based in Tunis are unanimous following the euphoria at the start but  Kaïs Saïed is losing ground. At least globally. The whole world witnessed and understood the Tunisian message on the evening of July 25. However, since then, the silence adopted by Carthage has become embarrassing. It is growing to be embarrassing for Tunisia’s possible support abroad.

Understanding as they are, the governments of brotherly and friendly nations are nonetheless subject to tremendous pressure from their civil society, and UN organizations, in particular those concerned with human rights. All these beautiful people are not so much influenced by the temporary triumph of a part of the population of a country, as by the respect of its leaders, the basic rules of democracy and fundamental rights.

And for these foreign parties, the reasoning is simple: A country without elected institutions cannot pretend to be a democracy. And on the other hand, it is impossible for them that their nations are backing a country where democracy is not recognized …, in short, at this rate, Tunisia will discover itself isolated from the world and, above all, stripped of international aid and support and in the middle of an economic and health crisis. Its easier to understand the importance of the stakes at this stage, where it is a question of uniting foreign political support. And, for the moment, it is Ennahdha who appears to have better understood the issue, and it is lobbying to set pressure on foreign governments by positioning itself in the role of victim.

Opposite, the palace of Carthage keeps a piercing silence. A silence that can only give rise to scepticism among the partners who can simply communicate their fears about a possible slippage towards dictatorship. Nevertheless, the international arena at the start, understood the signal of the Tunisians so well, and get the delicacy of the situation, and do not request for immediate actions. They just ask for guarantees on what will appear next, and for an agenda, with clarity on the return to “normality” symbolized by the return to the activity of the elected parliament.


Also, An agenda with specific dates of outlined actions! Unfortunately, the side of Carthage does not appear to appreciate the value of the moment, and, above all, the importance of clear and reassuring communication. They don’t seem to understand that their silence is giving way to a lot of interpretations, which are, of course, taken advantage of by the Islamists. This is why international opinions are increasingly deserting the Kaïs Saïed camp, and more inclined to urge it to reply to their apprehensions!

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