Tunisia-Ghazi Chaouachi calls on Tunisians to take to the streets to defend democracy [Audio]

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, Demorctaic Current Secretary-General Ghazi Chaouachi stressed that President Kais Saied suspended the Constitution after taking an oath before Parliament to respect it. The President of the Republic chose yesterday to seize the 3 powers and to issue a “small constitution”. Therefore, Tunisia now lives under a tyrannical regime where the president holds all the powers.

Chaouachi said the Head of State violated the Constitution as well as the social and political contract. It, therefore, lost its constitutional legitimacy. All his measures are regarded null and void, according to him. In the same context, he called on civilians to take to the streets to manifest peacefully and defend democracy.

Ghazi Chaouchi said his party originally supported the president to fight corruption, not so that he could seize all power. He confirmed that the situation requires the return of Parliament, the organization of early elections and the establishment of a government that will be overseen by Parliament.

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