Tunisia-Kais Saied: “I have in my possession files on the huge sums received by some…”

The President of the Republic Kais Said chaired the Council of Ministers this Thursday, February 10, 2022, affirming that the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSM) will indeed be dissolved and that a decree will be issued to validate this dissolution and substitute the CSM by another board.

Kais Saied attacked (corrupt) magistrates, stating that the judiciary is a function and not an authority and that all judges are subject to the law. “The judiciary seems to be independent, but in reality, it is the opposite,” he said, referring to many cases that have not been fixed by judges who claim they want independence and that they have a power that goes above all authorities,” he insisted. Kais Saied believed that “the magistrates have a job which falls within the framework of the constitution, and that they only have to apply the law with impartiality”.


The Head of State disclosed that he has in his possession many files on some (magistrates) who have received huge sums. “And then they come to confirm that the judiciary is independent and that there is no control over it”.

“The judiciary is a function, not an authority, and all magistrates are subject to the law… There can be no state outside the Tunisian state,” he said.

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