Tunisia-Khashoggi case – UN report unveils Mohamed Ben Salman’s involvement in Khashoggi assassination

After six active months of investigations U.N human rights specialist and principal investigator Agnes Callamard promptly issued a 101-page report on Khashoggi assassination in Istanbul. The published report uncovered evidence that associates crown prince Mohamed Ben Salman to the apparent murder of Khashoggi. “There is credible evidence warranting further investigation of high-level Saudi officials’ individual liability, including the crown prince’s,” Mr Callamard said.

Callamard properly called upon the United Nations secretary general to properly establish an international criminal investigation to ensure official accountability for the crime. Moreover, the released report highlighted the fact that Turkish and Saudi investigations failed to comply with international standards.

Furthermore, Callamard report indicated the direct involvement of 15 people in the case” .“Evidence points to the 15-person mission to execute Mr Khashoggi requiring significant government coordination, resources and finances,” she wrote.

Ms Callamard will present her conclusions to the Human Rights Council in Geneva next week.

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