Tunisia-Local elections: electoral campaign Kicks-off from this Saturday

Tunisian voters are once again called to the polls on December 24 to choose their local representatives. They will be electing members for 279 local councils, comprising 2,434 individuals. These council members, in turn, will play a crucial role in determining the composition of the National Council of Regions and Districts, as established by the Constitution on July 25, 2022.

The electoral campaign for this groundbreaking event in Tunisia commences this Saturday across 2,155 electoral districts and concludes on December 22, paving the way for electoral silence—a pivotal phase in this electoral process.

To organize this electoral campaign effectively, the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) has recently issued three regulatory decisions. These include Decision No. 11, outlining rules for organizing the campaign; Decision No. 12, which addresses the financing of electoral expenses; and Decision No. 13, focusing on media coverage during the campaign.

Decision No. 11 aims to demonstrate objectivity and impartiality towards all candidates as the electoral deadline approaches, ensuring that each candidate is placed on an equal footing, as stipulated.

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