Tunisia-Migratory crisis: Kamel Ghribi’s strong message to Europeans

President of the European tenor San Donato and of GKSD Investment Holding Kamel Ghribi talked about one of the most complex problems currently illegal migration. He spoke of this scourge of modern times which leaves his native land, Sfax, to crush his host land, Italy and all of Europe behind. “Watching and listening to what is transpiring in Sfax makes me extremely sad because I have my roots there. I have always considered the Mediterranean Sea as a natural bridge to Europe, a cultural exchange sought at understanding what is different and why” the businessman posted on Instagram…

“The ocean must not become a road to death but a conscious and responsible course towards dignity, the right of every human being. We do not need heroes but conscious, reliable and above all concrete human actions. In this sense, the work carried out by the Meloni government and the President of the Council is truly exceptional and we must always take into regard the fact that we are dealing with a question of time,” added the one who builds roads between the two banks of the Mediterranean, between Europe, Africa and the world.

This is how the successful entrepreneur sees things to come out on top from this case, for the good of all: “I think that the partnership with my beloved Tunisia must be continued and reinforced. There are no different paths to collaboration. Similarly, we must pay tribute to the Tunisian government which is doing everything possible to handle the massive entry of sub-Saharan migrants and the pressure on the coasts for their leave to Europe. It is a difficult and tiring task entrusted to a young democracy that must be supported.”…

Are the European Union and Tunisia taking this course? The agreement initialed in Tunis on July 16 indicates this. It was agreed to put some 126 million euros on the table to assist the Tunisian authorities in meeting their obligations in the battle against sordid human trafficking on which very well-structured networks thrive. But so far no euro has been paid, the Europeans should perhaps begin with that if they want tangible results quickly.

Tunisia’s historical partners are not unaware of its glaring economic and social tribulations since the so-called Revolution. There is an urgent necessity to hasten the pace and to act concretely to support Tunis. Tens of thousands of lives and the future of two continents depend on it…

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