Tunisia-Ounaies:“Tunisia will be one of distinguished countries in pleading before ICJ” [Video]

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, diplomat and former Foreign Minister Ahmed Ouanis praised the appointment of Professor Salim Laghmani to represent Tunisia in giving its oral argument before the International Court of Justice on the Palestinian issue.

Despite admitting the belated nature of this decision, Ouanis voiced confidence that Tunisia will stand out among the countries presenting arguments at the International Court of Justice. He stressed the appropriateness and expectation for Arab countries to take such initiatives.

Ouanis further noted that the involvement of an Arab and African country in defending the Palestinian cause is neither surprising nor especially noteworthy, as it aligns naturally with the region’s interests and responsibilities. He highlighted the significance of thorough preparation and study of the case to ensure Tunisia’s contribution is impactful and meaningful to the discourse surrounding the Palestinian issue.


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