Tunisia-Palestinian issue and two-state solution.. Khaled Obaid: There can only be one state

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, specialist in contemporary political history Professor Khaled Obaid voiced scepticism concerning the feasibility of the two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Obaid traced the root of this proposition back to the period following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent U.S.-led military intervention in January 1991, culminating in the Madrid Conference. He noted that since then, the situation has evolved greatly, especially in terms of developments on the ground.

Obaid underscored a noticeable shift in Israeli policy at the beginning of the 21st century towards the Judaization of Palestinian land, seeking its rapid realization. He stressed the assertion that Israel prioritizes its identity as a Jewish state, laying the groundwork for the “Greater Israel” project—a vision embedded in biblical interpretations that advocate for the annexation of all Palestinian territories.

He pointed out the comprehensive efforts to establish numerous settlements across Palestinian territories, particularly in the West Bank, effectively fragmenting these areas and separating them from each other. This strategy, coupled with the construction of the separation wall between West Bank territories and the areas recognized as Israel since 1948, including Jerusalem, has severely compromised the effectiveness of a two-state solution.

Given these evolutions, Obaid concluded that the establishment of a Palestinian state, while potentially declarable, encounters insurmountable challenges in practical terms. He reasoned that the current conditions render the two-state solution unviable, proposing instead that the ultimate resolution may necessitate the formation of a single state, which, in his view, should be the State of Palestine. This perspective mirrors a critical assessment of the geopolitical and social changes impacting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, underscoring the complexities involved in achieving a sustainable peace agreement.


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