Tunisia-Rida Chakandali: “A Tunisian needs 4,000 TND a month to live a decent life” [Video]

In a statement to Tunisie Numérique, economic expert Rida Chakandali remarked on what was disclosed by the study of the National Institute of Statistics concerning the average salary, which was estimated at 924, which is roughly equivalent to two times the guaranteed minimum wage. He noted that the wage rate is extremely weak.

In economics, there is a rule that stipulates taking into regard a person’s minimum needs so that they can be productive. Some estimate these needs founded on the guaranteed minimum wage, while others calculate them using the average wage rate. This rule asserts that a person requires a salary just to meet their life requirements, without any surplus for savings.


To calculate the wage rate, he remarked that it is calculated by splitting the guaranteed minimum wage by the savings rate. For example, in Tunisia, the minimum wage is approximately 400 dinars and the savings rate is less than 10%, which means that the pay rate is around 4 thousand dinars.

Our speaker emphasised that in light of the high cost of living and the high cost of education, transportation, health care, and other life necessities, the Tunisian citizen requires 4,000 dinars per month to be able to live a decent life, revealing that talking about 400 dinars as the minimum wage and 924 as the average wage has no meaning.

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