Tunisia-Saïed to Mechichi: I entrusted you with a mission. Be up to the task

The President of the Republic, Kaïs Saïed, summoned, this Friday, June 11, 2021, prime minister Hichem Mechichi and Minister of Justice Hasna Ben Slimane, to express his dissatisfaction with the recent events and overruns that took place in recent days.

The head of the state firmly denounced the events in particular in Sidi Hassine, considering them unacceptable and affirmed that some parties are intentionally sowing chaos in the nation to seize power.

“Some think that the executive power is elsewhere than in Carthage and Kasbah… I have already cautioned that the constitution provides me enough to set an end to these tries to destabilize the state, and I will not hesitate to resort to them for everyone to shoulder their responsibilities! What occurred yesterday with the youngster in Sidi Hassine and what occurred in the courts is unacceptable. How the prosecution does not proceed when MPs intrude in the court! What does the justice do when fifteen files for the waiver of immunity have reached it without presenting them to the parliament office….. What does the prosecution do when the president himself is the target of networks campaigns? This is not the way a state should run, the situation is severe and I say it again: I will not permit anyone to discredit the Tunisian state and its institutions and symbols! “Lamented the head of state.

Mr Saïed said that lobbies are seeking to sow chaos in the country  “The prosecution needs to move quickly and everyone, no matter who it is will have to live up to their responsibilities under the law! I kept quiet a lot but I will not leave my nation in the grip of these, He said.

” I entrusted you with a mission. Be up to the task. What is happening is unacceptable! The head of state finally told Hichem Mechichi.

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