Tunisia-Samir Dilou denies Ennahdha’s intention to withdraw confidence in PM Fakhfakh

Ennahdha leader Samir Dilou, on Tuesday, dismissed his party’s plan to withdraw confidence in Prime Minister Elyes Fakhfakh.
The members of the Shura Council will join in a profound discussion where they will suggest ideas, he stated, adding the Shura does not have a predefined stance.
Speaking to journalists, Dilou told the Shura Council is holding an extraordinary session on Tuesday evening and all its members have been gathered in the light of the latest developments on the national political scene.
He outlined the situation in the country as challenging, requiring a wise and profound debate.
In response to the possibility that the Prime Minister may drop two ministers from the Ennahdha movement, Dilou said the Ennahdha ministers in the current government “are not placed on their own account.
It is not up to a minister to determine whether to stay or leave the government team. That decision is made within the party.
He moreover added on this issue that “one cannot grow on assumptions; everything in its own time”.
It is the shura council that sets the policies and choices of the party. “The executive bureau will define its position in the light of the council’s decisions.”
Regarding the Prime Minister’s statement Monday evening, Samir Dilou called it “hasty”.
“In my opinion, we must avoid heated reactions and show restraint in this current phase”, he said.


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