Tunisia – Shortage of oxygen … Warning, this is not settled yet!

 The country’s several leaders did everything to reassure people about the oxygen shortage, assuring that there have been great supplies, since yesterday, so the crisis is rather behind us. The distinguished Minister of Health likewise wanted to be part of the party, screaming, at his press conference, today, victory, since we had no losses to deplore following this lack.
What to remain speechless. A minister who felicitates himself on having perpetrated a monumental mistake, which could have prompted a massacre, and he prides himself on the works of others, the health personnel, who struggled, for hours to be able to save all their sick. And God knows it wasn’t easy for them. But, sadly, and as always, we should not trust these officials, nor their fake statements.
Because the oxygen crisis is far from over, in fact, many hospital officials or regional health directorates are in full despair, because of this crisis, with hospitals full of patients, and tanks of hopelessly empty oxygen. The most optimistic of them speak of visibility till tomorrow morning. Which is Certainly nothing compared to the management of medical fluids in pandemic situations.
So, a piece of advice: Let’s remain wary… Let’s remain vigilant, and proceed with the mobilization because, clearly, the fate of Tunisians is, from now on is to rely only on oneself, to get through.

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