Tunisia-Tunisian Marathon swimmer Néjib Belhedi enters Guinness World Records

The long career of swimmer Néjib Belhedi has just been crowned with the World Title of the swimming marathon in Los Angeles. Thus, he is the first Tunisian sportsman to appear in Guinness World Records.

The swimmer has under his built Longest duration swimming in the open sea with 76 hours 30 minutes.At 67 years old, our national hero does not intend to stop half-way because he plans to meet the following challenges:

  • 2020: Gibraltar Strait, 15 kms.
  • 2021: North Channel Irland (Scotland, 40 kms).
  • 2022: Sabbatical year.
  • 2023: Tsugaru Channel (Japan, 22 kms).
  • 2024: Molokai Channel (Hawaii, 18 kms).
  • 2025: Cook Strait (New Zeland, 22 kms).

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