Tunisia-Upheaval of the Last-minute cabinet shuffle due to Ali Kooli

The cabinet reshuffle which was on route to be announced yesterday was totally Upheavaed. The new cabinet was delayed, for the first time, yesterday, under pressure from 9alb Tounes who warned to refuse him the vote of confidence after not having obtained the portfolio the party demanded.

The process has undergone, today, another severe abrupt slowdown, since Ali Kooli, annoyed at no longer being a super-minister, after prime minister Mechichi intended to remove the department of regional development and investment from him, went to lament to his “friends” of Ennahdha and the latter didn’t hesitate to come to his rescue and succeeded to put pressure on Mechichi to nullify his decision. Yet everyone is consistent in saying that Ali Kooli has undertaken nothing and achieved nothing since he took office and that he missed the two finance bills that he presented to the Parliament.

Except that this stubbornness of Ali Kooli, and his support from the Islamists, professes a serious dilemma for Hichem Mechichi. He has, in fact, already proposed the removed of the department from Kooli to Khaled Kadour. And you have to believe that he seriously needs her services.

Mechichi was hence forced to return to Kaddour to offer him to appoint him as a minister adviser to La Kasbah. Something that the interested party declined.

And it seems that the debate on has yet to be over, as the administration has asked Khaled Kddour, currently in Cairo, to maintain contact while anticipating another proposal from Kasbah.

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