Tunisia-[Video] Abir Moussi: The UGTT initiative is a recycling of political waste

Speaking at a press conference, PLD leader Abir Moussi affirmed that various elements of the political scene were moving towards national dialogue as a resolution to the problems the nation is facing at the moment.

The Ennahdha Movement is as Dangerous as the Al Karama Coalition

Whether it is a dialogue under the aegis of the Presidency of the Republic or a dialogue under the supervision of the Head of Government, none of these actions really dismiss the Ennahdha party from the debates, Moussi said.

Nevertheless, the Ennahdha Movement is no less risky and extremist than the Al Kamama Coalition, various parts of which are offering exclusion, she emphasised, adding that the latter only carries out what  Islamist movement dictates.

The UGTT initiative is an attempt to recycle “political waste”

According to the MP, the UGTT initiative would just be an effort to recycle political waste, because it is contradictory that the trade union centre accepts the defeat of Ennahdha while believing that this party be part of the dialogue. She evoked that since Rached Ghannouchi took over as House speaker violence has become the most common way of dealing with problems.

The PDL launches its own initiative

The politician revealed that faced with this situation, the PDL decided to launch its own initiative. The parliamentary bloc will distribute a document to all components of the political scene, which are in favour of a civil state, could sign and even recommend ideas to improve it. The principal objectives of the said initiative are to guarantee that Tunisia remains a sovereign country with a civilian character as well as the total suppression of political Islam, she explained.

If the so-called civilian parties adhere to their positions vis-à-vis the PDL and vis-à-vis political Islam, the party will talk straight to the Tunisian people, and seek signs among citizens, added Abir Moussi.

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