Tunisia-[video] Ahmed Nejib Chebbi warns against a possible Coup d’état

Speaking to Tunisie Numérique, chairman of the Al-Amal party’s political committee Ahmed Nejib Chebbi Warning against a possible adding that the president has overstepped his legal competence on at least three occasions.

Surpassing pejoratives:
First, Kais Saied disturbed the cabinet reshuffle process, declining to hold an oath-taking ceremony for new ministers, in complete opposition to the provisions of the constitution.

He later sent the draft law of the Constitutional Court for a second reading, which in principle professes no legal problems. Nonetheless, this dismissal was accompanied by his memorable speech of April 6, which he described it a “court of reckoning,” added Ahmed Nejib Chebbi.

The President of the Republic more wants to have control over the forces of order, however, the laws do not give him such power, he denounced.

Kais Saied is afraid of being removed from office

According to Amed Nejib Chebbi, Kais Saied is afraid of being removed from office, though this is not easy to achieve theoretically.

In fact, for this dismissal to take place, the President of the Republic must first perpetrate a dangerous fault.

Additionally, 2/3 of the deputies and 2/3 of the members of the Constitutional Court (including the President of the Republic chosen 4 of its members) must vote for his dismissal, he explained.

Solutions according to Amed Nejib Chebbi

According to Mr Chebbi, the solution lies in the organization of a referendum on altering the political regime and the laws that favour political blockages. He called on parties that believe in democracy to unite around this aim.

Early elections later become essential to be able to avoid the Lebanese scenario, he affirmed, warning against the dangers that threaten Tunisia, in particular on the economic level.

He said that it is extremely likely that the state will find itself unable to pay the wages of public officials within a month and a half.

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