Tunisia-What is the purpose that Hassan Zargouni is seeking to accomplish?

Uniquely equipped with his typical moody way Hassan Zargouni greeted his followers in a Facebook post, about one of his distinct ideas which were contradictory and condemning as usual. Amid a profound crisis of hysteria and public dispute, Zargouni simply revealed that the elections would not take place on time, but they would be on May 10th or 17th 2020. And to instantly get more focused attention, he said, that this would be contradictory to the constitution.

When Zargouni voluntarily disclosed this specific information, he was certain of the potential impact that it will leave. The bombshell that he instantly dropped left multiple responses from his followers. With some unanimously condemning the news, others considered the news to be out of the question. Some even went to the extremes of threatening to ignite a second revolution and set the country on fire.
Deliberately or unintentionally, Zargouni gave the impression of being confident of his actions. With detailed information, Zargouni fueled and ignited anger.
The fundamental question that poses itself did Hassan Zargouni did this on a personal whim or was he subtly manipulating and diverting the public opinion as some claims.

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