Tunisia-WHO: Epidemic monitoring indicators are positive in Tunisia

The representative of the World Health Organization in Tunis (WHO) Yves Souteyrand asserted that some monitoring indicators of the pandemic are positive in Tunisia despite the gravity of the health situation. He emphasised during a virtual press conference on the epidemic situation in the Middle East region, that the drop in the number of positive tests from 35 pc to 24 pc in recent days proves a decrease in the spread of the virus. 
“Nevertheless, this hypothesis can only be verified through the decline in the number of infections over the next few days,” he noted. Souteyrand stipulated that Tunisia registered the highest death rate in the  Arab world and in Africa, deploring the seriousness of the situation, especially with the spread of the Indian variant which is the cause of the infection of 90 pc of patients.
The WHO representative in Tunis remarked that the failure to respect the health protocol and the slowness of vaccination, in addition to the rejection of the vaccine by some people, favoured the rapid spread of the coronavirus in Tunisia.
He added that Tunisia received during the last period quantities of aid from Arab and European countries, ( 7 million doses)  and will soon receive supplementary doses of vaccine.

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