Tunisie – Audio : Rym Mourali :President Kais Saied discourse is a semi war,has subliminal messages for Rached Ghannouchi

Despite maintaining constancy to the form he always adopted in his speeches. President Kais Saied has broken the norms in his congratulatory speech allowing himself to openly challenge his critics, said  President of the Tunisian Independence Party and activist  Rym Mouali in a statement to Tunisie Numérique.



Mourali indicated that the head of the state way of reading his speech showed that he had thoroughly prepared its content, to transmit specific purposes, she regarded the speech as a semi war that contains subliminal messages.

She pointed out that the head of the state showed dissatisfaction on the waves of Coups d’état which has become a talk on several occasions in addition to chaos.

Kaïs Saïed by reminding that he is the only president wanted to set the record straight in a clear and transparent message to house speaker Rached Ghannouchi.He further warned many of whom he considered to have crossed the line.

Mourali assured that it becomes evident that President Kaïs Saïed will adjust his speech, and that from now on, he will call things by their names. She advised him to avoid standard  Arabic in order to be close to the people through his speeches.


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