Tunsia- Tunisia and Djerba a unique beautiful experience of peaceful religious coexistence.

In coincidence with El Ghriba’s pilgrimage, Today prime minister Youssef Chahed oversaw a two-day Symposium on joint coexistence in Djerba.

In a statement to Al Arrakmia, Youssef Chahed stated that  Tunisia provides humanitarian coexistence conditions, For millions of visitors that visit the country annually. Which in return allows a culture of peace and openness that will pave the way to the development of citizenships, democracy, and social interaction.  He further added that Tunisia and Djerba are lands of peace and freedom of belief as stated in the 2014 constitution. Due to its openness to other regions of the world. He further expected the success of El Ghriba’s pilgrimage

Chahed added that Tourism represents one of the most important means to achieve communication.  He stated that The search for cultural co-existence is the gateway to building a human civilization that supports values of tolerance and the establishment of the principle of dialogue. Tunisia is considered one of the leading actors in devoting cultural diversity and multiculturalism as a positive impetus for interaction and exchange in the framework of respect for cultural specificities. He stated that the major political and economic challenges are pushing the country for constructive consultation that would stabilize the democratic process and identify major directions for the next phase in order to promote economic growth, improve social services, support employment and stimulate cultural life.







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