High Representative Josep Borrell denounces Russia’s manipulation of information in its military aggression in Ukraine

The High Representative of the European Union, Josep Borrell, reacted strongly to the situation in Ukraine during a press statement. He underlined his visit to the front line of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine in Odesa, where he saw Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure, churches and homes.

Borrell then partook in the commemoration of Ukraine’s Defenders Day, a day intended to honour the women and men fighting against Russian aggression, risking their lives to defend their homeland future and order international. He talked of a moving ceremony and had the chance to meet combat-wounded soldiers present at the ceremony. The High Representative then visited another front, that of information warfare.
He emphasised that Russia massively used disinformation, propaganda and cyberattacks to accompany its aggression against Ukraine. This information war seeks to distort reality and deflect Russia’s responsibility for the conflict. Josep Borrell insisted on the necessity to counter this hybrid war, in particular disinformation. He emphasised that the EU and Ukraine attach high priority to this fight against disinformation. The High Representative hailed the work of the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, which plays a vital role in combating Russian disinformation.
He recollected that Russia sought to undermine international support for Ukraine by spreading false information. Borrell emphasised that the fight against misleading narratives was critical because it was not just about the territories at stake, but also about people’s minds. He called for supporting organizations such as the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security to promote the truth about Putin’s aggression and expose Russian lies to the world. In conclusion, the High Representative asserted that the EU and Ukraine share the same goal: that Ukraine prevails and the truth triumphs.


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